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Teeth and advanced age


Beautiful teeth and a radiant smile are not a matter of age! Your natural good looks and a positive sense of life are close to our heart. Dentures are made to order – tailored individually to your state and wishes.

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Dentures – fixed and removable

The substitution of crowns and the closing of gaps between teeth are necessary on medical grounds and may mean a substantial recovery or gain of one’s quality of life. To bring aesthetic and function in line - fully after the example of natural teeth. Our goal, apart from the restoration of perfect chewing and speech function, is to guarantee trouble-free interaction of dentition and tempero-mandibular joints. It is of importance to us to achieve an aesthetically attractive and functional result for you.


Crowns count among fixed dentures. In the event of loss or heavy defects of the natural tooth crown, crowns are permanently fixed on the prepared (ground-down) teeth like caps. This serves the purpose of protection and stabilization. But first caries is removed, if necessary root canal treatment and core build-up by means of a filling is performed. In the event of loss of individual teeth, a crown may close the gap in the dentition in a highly aesthetic and functional manner on an implant (artificial root). The classification between the individual types of crowns is made by form, its technical set-up or its material. For example, a differentiation is made according to the size share in the total crown between full or partial crowns, based on the material and appearance between metal crowns, veneers or full ceramic crowns. The types of crowns are characterized with a view to manufacturing expenditure, stability, durability, and aesthetics.The decisive quality criteria of crowns are aesthetics and function, hence a harmonic adjustment of form and colour to be built into the row of teeth in place as well as the exact functional fitting into the chewing system. The uppermost objective is, apart from optimum pink-white aesthetics, durability and compatibility of the materials used and a natural appearance.

Treatment is performed in a number of steps:

At the first visit the teeth are ground down (for a smaller tooth form). Impressions are taken of the upper and lower jaw teeth rows and a registration is made of the odontogram. Until the fitting of the permanent work, the teeth are protected and stabilized by a provisional solution. At the subsequent visit the accuracy of fit of the substructures or, as the case may be, the finished crown is tested. After that the crowns and bridges are inserted. The manufacturing process is made in the dental technical laboratory. To guarantee an optimum aesthetic outcome and to make best possible aesthetic adjustments and corrections of form we are cooperating closely with our dental technicians. At the last visit the crowns and bridges will be inserted permanently. In order to guarantee the aesthetic and functional retention of a high-quality denture, it will be necessary to see the dentist regularly (twice per year) and use good oral hygiene at home. Please ask us for details and we shall be happy to provide you with tips for optimization of your oral and dental care at home and recommend appropriate care products.


Bridges count among fixed dentures. After the loss of the natural tooth, for example by caries (tooth decay) or trauma, the gap may be closed by means of a bridge. Fixing is made by means of the abutment teeth bordering on the gap. These ‘abutments’ consist either of natural teeth that are ground down and crowned for fixing of the bridge, or of implants. Classification of bridges may be made according to the material used for manufacturing or according to the form of bridge. There are full cast crowns (made from metal alloys), faced bridges (metal structure with ceramic or plastic face) and full ceramic bridges (made completely from ceramics).

Partial dentures

Partial dentures count among the removable dentures. In order to restore chewing and speech function as well as aesthetics, greater gaps in the dentition may be closed by means of partial dentures. This type of dentures is an option if a stable set of remaining teeth is in place and the gaps cannot be remedied by permanent denture such as a bridge or implant or in the event that this type of restoration form is not desired. Fixing of the partial dentures is made on the natural remaining teeth. Classification of partial dentures is made according to the material used and the type of fixing on the teeth. The individual options vary in regard to production cost, stability, durability, wear comfort, aesthetics and care. As an alternative to the conventional partial dentures, dentures may be worn safely also with the help of implants. Treatment consists of a number of steps in which we work closely with the dental technical laboratory in order to achieve an excellent outcome.

Full dentures

Full dentures count among the removable dentures. This type of dentures is used with a toothless jaw. Our goal is to restore your chewing and speech function as well as aesthetics in the best possible manner. The hold of this type of dentures is safeguarded solely via the suction effect on the mucous membrane of palate and jaw ridge and optimum occlusion. In order to achieve this, the most exact possible adjustment of the dentures to your jaws and the situation in your mouth is necessary. Treatment divides into a number of steps in which we are working closely together with you and the dental technical laboratory throughout the process in order to achieve an excellent outcome. Our goal is to have dentures fit well and stable for trouble-free interplay of dentition and tempero-mandibular joints during chewing and speech. As an alternative option to the conventional dentures, removable dentures can be worn safely with the help of implants. Apart from the functional aspects, the idea is to restore your laughing capacity and your facial expression in their natural individual way.

In order to safeguard also with well-adjusted dentures a long durability and permanently excellent wear comfort it is necessary to see your dentist for check-ups of your dentures and mucous membrane tests in order to diagnose early on possible pressure sores and correct any poor or ill fit. In addition to this, prophylaxis at regular intervals and thorough oral hygiene at home are of vital importance.


Safe and fixed hold and high aesthetic and functional adjustment – all in the model of natural teeth. Tooth implants are artificial roots – they represent the most modern and pleasant option to replace missing teeth. Implants are implanted into the jawbone direct by operative means and will grow into the bone owing to their special biocompatible surface coating and structure. After a healing period of a number of months, the implant may be loaded and the corresponding denture made be affixed thereon. Planning, inserting of the implant and manufacturing of the superstructure (the denture) is made by us in close cooperation with experienced oral surgeons and dental technician.

We are using only proven and high-quality implant materials made in Germany.

Implants permit a comfortable fixation both of single crowns and bridges, but also of partial and full dentures. Also in a toothless jaw a safe and fixed hold of bridges or dentures is achieved in this way in order to offer you a safe and natural feel. With proper excellent personal dental care and oral hygiene and thorough aftercare at the dentist’s, implants represent both in aesthetic and functional terms a durable high-quality replacement of own teeth.

Benefits of implants

Function – Implant-borne dentures provide a fixed and safe hold due to fixation in the jawbone. This is why they offer an excellent solution also in the toothless jaw.

The benefit lies in a more fixed hold compared with simple conventional bridges, partial and full dentures.

Aesthetics – Implant and denture imitate the tooth with root and crown. The artificial tooth crown is adjusted in colour and form individually to your own surrounding teeth. Implants are not or barely identifiable as such, and the denture therefore makes a natural impression. You regain your radiant smile!

Retention of what is in place
For the fixation of implants, by comparison with many conventional types of dentures, no neighbouring teeth are ground down and thereby damaged.

Natural feel and wear comfort
Implants offer a feel almost like your own teeth. You may chew and laugh again in a carefree manner. Owing to their natural load on the jawbone, implants will moreover stop atrophy of the bone which normally occurs after the loss of a tooth.

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